MFA: Mario Testino

Post cards from the exhibit.

      Recently, my mom and I went to an incredible Mario Testino photography exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. For those of you who aren't familiar with Mario Testino, He is an English photographer who is most famous for his fashion and editorial photography and portraits of celebrities/models. The exhibit is called In your Face and it certainly holds true to its title. The exhibit featured many beautiful, risqué, and somewhat offensive (in a good way) pieces. Of course Testino included the three G's, Gwyneth, Gucci, and Gisele. The exhibit also featured the most godlike woman on earth, yes I am referring to Kate Moss. I really recommend this exhibit, it was totally amazing.

One of my favorite Testino photos, unfortunately not in the exhibit.  


Accessorizing Fall and Winter

Turban: Anna Kula, Scarf: Juicy Couture (Faux Fur), Backpack: Chanel, Sunglasses: BCBGeneration, Beanies: River Island, Bag: Rebecca Minkoff, Backpack: H&M, Scarf: Barneys 

         Like many of you, I find accessorizing in the fall and winter seasons much easier than in the summertime. Especially in the warmer areas of the world, the last thing you want to do in the summer is add more layers to your body. Whether I am adding pieces to my outfit for warmth or merely aesthetic, accessorizing becomes somewhat of a second nature to me in the winter. My biggest pet peeve of the high school girls I am blessed to be surrounded by everyday (sense the sarcasm?) is the fact that a lot of them tend to over accessorize. This is why I have become somewhat of a phobic of the jewelry table at stores like Forever 21, Francesca's and H&M. Don't take this as me bashing these stores and other bargain retailers, but I feel like since the jewelry is at affordable friendly prices, people think they should buy everything (and wear it all at once!) It is highly unlikely that you will see me wearing any jewelry besides my few everyday bracelets. It is important to learn how to accessorize with out over doing it.  That being said these are some of my favorite accessories for fall.

Anything Oxblood/Wine/Burgundy: I adore anything this color! This color is so rich that it adds a necessary sense of depth to my usual all black uniform in the winter. Even though this color is so dark,  in a room full of people it really pops! This color also looks marvelous on a chunky knit. 

Fur: I am obsessed with this glam feeling I get whenever I incorporate fur into my outfits. I tend to keep my fur faux, but do whatever floats your boat this upcoming winter. I love fur scarves or accessories because for a lot of people (including my sixteen year old self) a floor length fur coat is a bit aggressive. Adding fur infinity scarves, hand warmers, or turban gives my outfits the perfect amount of glam. I also love my faux fur vest.  

Beanies: This is a big one this season! When I imagine my upcoming outfits this month, in 80% of them I am wearing a beanie. My mens Versace for H&M hat is one of my most coveted bargain scores. Although it is mens, it is my favorite beanie that I own. These neon River Island beanies are so fun! I am also on the hunt for hunter green and burgundy beanies. I would pair a burgundy or black beanie with this camo khaki Topshop jacket I have been lusting over. And when I am not wearing a beanie, I will most likely be wearing a super chic convertible turban. 



Happy Birthday to Me!

Delicious cupcakes my mother got me 

A few weekends ago I celebrated my 16th birthday with my friends and family. It was so fun and all I could ask for. The weekend was me in a nutshell, casual and comfortable but still fun! Saturday night was a blast. I thought I was going out tod dinner with my aunt and uncle but actually my aunt had contacted girls from my old school and surprised me with a little birthday sushi dinner! 

My Best friend Ally and I.

  I had never really had a surprise birthday gathering before so it was really fun! Thank god my mom told me the dress code was fun casual. I hate being surprised because then I don't know how to dress! Dinner was delicious, I had spicy tuna rolls, california rolls and some special roll with cooked fish in it.   

Later we went back to my aunts house who surprised us with take out Pinkberry! She really is the best! 

   On the night of my actual birthday I spent a peaceful night at home with my siblings, parents, aunts and uncles, and cousins. I come from a huge family and I havent spent a birthday away from them in years. 

My big present

My parents outdid themselves this year. In my family on your 16th you usually get a piece of jewelry. My parents gave me the most beautiful Hermes bangle! I have the best family in the world and I am so blessed. I am so grateful for not only my parents generosity but for the love they gave me on my 16th birthday.   


Wash Leather Rinse Repeat

Dress: Rag and Bone, Dress: Alexander Mcqueen, Shorts: Thakoon, Shorts: Theory, Skirts: Alice and Olivia, Jacket: Topshop, Vest: River Island 

       Leather has quite the rep if you ask me! When people think of leather apparel, they mostly think of Steven Tyler and the 90's. This image for you could either be good or bad, I happen to be quite fond of it. This season I am truly obsessed with leather. Jumping outside ones comfort zone and wearing leather garb can be quite a risk. The best way to integrate leather into your wardrobe is to slowly take small risks with subtle items. No one says you have to go to work tomorrow in your Britney red patten leather jumpsuit. Although I'm not gonna lie, that costume may or may not be my favorite Britney music video ensemble. There is a Kate Middleton way to go about wearing leather, not everything has to be extremely offensive Taylor Momsen. I am so excited to get out my leather pieces for this fall. Did I mention I'm wearing my free people leather skirt this weekend? Comment on how you like to rock leather. 


My Main Man Balmain

My absolute favorites from my favorite RTW collection this year.

       I know what you're thinking, Maddie we just ended New York fashion week why are you just now talking about a collection that debuted in March? I've been eying this collection for about a month and a half now and finally gotten around to writing up on it! I swear if love at first sight isn't real than neither is this collection. I am dying for every single on of these looks. Detail is something very close to my heart. If I become obsessed with a piece of art or a clothing piece, it most likely means that the detail is exquisite and Balmain's Autumn Winter collection does not disappoint. Balmain has always been a favorite of mine. One of my favorite Balmain moments in hollywood is the battle for best dressed with these gorgeous ladies, not to over rule those women but I think Candice Swanepoel's Harpers Bazar Espana cover wins it. 


NYFW Spring 2013 Updates

All of my favorites from these three collections.

Ladies and gentlemen I am proud to say that it is now September. For most of you, September means the end of a lazy summer and the start of a stressful year. But for those of us who spend  our time trying to reach our fullest chic potentials (I hate the word fashionista), September is the most important month of the year. So grab your 5 pound September issues of Vogue and enjoy this beautiful month of September.  

Jason Wu
       Jason Wu when do you do wrong? This season of Jason Wu truly reminded me of a galaxy. I am obsessed with everything this man does especially this season. 

Nicole Miller
      This season of Nicole Miller was all about feminine leather and color. I've always loved Nicole Miller but this season she outdid her self. I'd wear all of the dresses. 

Richard Chai
      This collection has me dying for summer again, not good. Everything in this collection is so fun. Bralettes, pastels and florals are what makes this collection so fun. 


Pink on Pink on Pink

My Wildfox Tee.

             This weekend I headed into the city with my sisters to do some back to school shopping, yes I know High School, ew. First we hit up Nordstrom and my little sisters went crazy in the kids department with kids J Brands and leopard Sperrys. After Nordys we headed for my stores, LF, Urban Outfitters, Zara, H&M, Saks, and Intermix. I probably scored the most at LF. It was there season sale so I decide to stock up on (usually overpriced) sweaters. When the shopping was done and our elbow creases were burning, we ended the day with a sweet treat. Usually that would a Pinkberry or some kind of froyo, but this time we opted for a cupcake. We went to the newly opened Georgetown cupcakes, which I have only good things to say about. If you ever go I recommend Salted Caramel, but that being said I would recommend anything flavored salted caramel (ice cream, coffee, gelato, froyo, Anything!) 

Shirt: Wildfox, Shorts: Zara, Bag: Louis Vuitton, Shoes: Steve Madden

             My outfit entirely in pink, I felt like Elle Woods. Dont mind my squinty eyes, natural hair, and bare face. When I shop I opt for comfort over chic, I know its embarrassing. 

Emi Jay hair ties and Dogeard necklace.

        My favorite accessories I scored at Nordys. The necklace is so dainty on and the hair ties not only look cute on your wrists or in your hair, but they dont snag or get stuck in your hair. 


New York: August 2012

             Recently I was in New York City for a very short trip (two days, one night.) Although it was short my sister, Clare, and I tried to make the most of it. First we went to the Schiaparelli and Prada exhibit at The Met. My sister and I loved the entire exhibit! My mom has been a Prada girl since before I can remember. I mean when I was little my favorite things to do were to stare at my moms Prada leopard kitten heels. My mom was so jealous she couldn't go. Unfortunately I think the exhibit is over for all you Miuccia Prada lovers out there. 

 Photo belongs to The Metropolitan Museum. 

    Next, my sister and I went out to eat. Clare and I are huge Todd English fans (We love Bonfire and Olive in Boston), so we decided to go to his restaurant in New York, Ça Va. Ça Va is a french Brasserie. When we made the reservations a few days before, we had no idea that Ça Va was attached to our hotel! The food at Ça Va was so yummy! 

           Later that night we went to see a show, a tradition for my family (my first show was The Lion King when I was five and my sister was two.) There weren't that many shows out that my sister and I hadn't seen, so we decided on Ghost.  I wasn't that excited considering I never loved the movie, I am not a huge P. Swayze fan, but I was pleasantly surprised! It was sad, funny and adorable! I would recommend it for anyone who wants a laugh and doesn't want to take a musical too seriously. 

Not my photo! Forgot to snap a pic!  

My sister and I's embarrassing mirror picture. My dress is Ella Moss.

     The next morning, Clare and I went back to Ça Va for breakfast. We both had are classic favorite, eggs benedict. 

After hours of shopping and froyo from my fave 16 Handles, we ended our trip with the most delicious mini cup cakes from Baked by Melissa in Soho. 


Falling into September

Jeans: J Brand, Seven 4 All Mankind. Sweaters: Wildfox. Boots: Steve Madden. T-shirt: Cheap Monday. Cardigan: Topshop. Shorts: River Island.

With September coming I am so excited for the clothes. My favorite seasons for clothes would have to be fall and spring. While this transitioning time between seasons can bring great opportunities for amaze outfits, it can also be quite awkward. Do I wear shorts? Do I put on pants? Will I be sweating in this cardi or will I be freezing without it? We have all been there.  My philosophy is keep your top and bottom opposites. If you wear shorts pair it with a light sweater, or if you love your new motor cycle boots, try it with a fall dress. While sometimes this can make for a confusing and awkward look, other times it can be the perfect early fall medley. My next purchase is definitely going to be one of these light wildfox sweaters. Perfect for fall and layering in the winter. 

Victoria Beckham: That Silhouette


There are many reasons why I am obsessed with Victoria. The first being her I don't give a sh*t attitude. The second would have to be her history with the best girl group of all time. My favorite thing about Poshy is impecable taste in all things fashion. Her clothing line is absolutely exquisite and perfect for many body types.  But what I love about Victoria Beckham's label, is that she has found what I think is the perfect silhouette. The length is extremely modest but still sexy. These dresses flatter stick thin girls and girls with a little curve to them. With a pair of pumps and this dress, a pretty girl becomes a stunning women. 

All Victoria Beckham

Clearly I am not the only one in love with these dresses, because they grace the bodies of some of Hollywoods A listers. What I adore about these dresses is they feel very mature and very youthful at the same time. You have Demi Moore who is a graceful older woman and then you have young model Candice Swanepoel. 


Demi Moore, Eva Longoria, Victoria Beckham, and Candice Swanepoel all clad in VB


Inspired July 2012

Alexander McQueen

Style Stalker Lookbook

The wise words of SVW

The lovely Blake herself in her Marie Claire spread

I'm in love.


Money is the anthem of success

             If you know me then you know how in love I am with Lana Del Rey. Everything about her is perfection (especially her mermaid hair.) I love this video partly because I am obsessed with Marilyn Monroe and completely fascinated by Jackie O. This is a really cool representation of the concept. I commend the costume designer because the outfits absolutely scream Jackie Kennedy. Its funny how Lana portrays both an excellent Marilyn and a pretty good Jacqueline. The last minute of the video almost had me in tears. I can not get enough of this video.



The Summer Uniform

Top: Brandy Melville, Shorts: Brandy Melville, Shoes: Marshalls (Bargain shopper, holla!), Sunnies: Marc by Marc Jacobs 

       So basically I have one summer uniform and this is it. These denim shorts are tattooed on my legs at this point.  I like to stick with a plain white tee or tank, but sometimes I will substitute for a totally rad graphic tee. Oh and that is not my bra hanging out, its a little bikini of course. My shoes were indeed eight dollars at marshalls. They are definitely not my best quality shoes but they certainly serve their purpose. This is my completely crazy naturally curly hair. Saturday I'm getting a color change and I am so excited. 

Crochet and Leather

Sweater: LF, Shorts: Roxy, Boots: Steve Madden, Sunnies: Chloe

          This post features my beautiful friend Ally. When I was styling her, I knew I wanted to do something that reflected her style and personality. She is very girly but always has sort of an edge. We kept it casual with the short shorts. My favorite parts are the sequin detail in the sweater and the studded combat boots. I am so jealous of her gorgeous hair.