Top: Diane Von Furstenberg, Jean Cutoffs: Thrifted, Shoes: Dolce Vita   

       Summer is coming and I couldn't be more excited. Usually summer excites me because of the clothes, the long nights, and not going to the dreaded halls of high school everyday. This year I am excited because I just want to breathe. My year is closing with AP tests, grades closing, and driving hours. I just want to lie in bed sometimes and stop thinking about school! These kinds of clothes are the ones that I virtually live in. I just want something that I can throw on and it still looks cute. High waisted jean shorts are honestly my uniform. My mother has these long Mediterranean legs, and in the gene pool someone thought it would be funny to give me the short Irish tree stump legs. I'm here to tell you that there are many things you can do to make your legs not look like those of a munchkin from the Wizard of Oz. The first would be stick to dark colored pants and stay away from patterns.  The second would be wear heels as much as possible. The last is high waisted. I'm not saying that I suddenly have Kate Moss legs, trust me those suckers are still short. Wearing high waisted shorts elongates my legs just enough that I have a boost in confidence. And really it is about how you feel about yourself not how others feel about you. I hope you guys have a great day! xx 


March Favorites 2013

            Lush Breath of Fresh Air Toner, Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm, Clarisonic Plus, Nars Laguna Bronzer, Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free, Clinique Moisturizing Lotion, DiorSkin Sculpt Concealer 

Lush Toner I have been using this toner for about a year and a half now and I am still loving it. I use it in the morning before I put on my moisturizer. Not only does it give me a fresh wakeup, but it damps and hydrates my skin allowing me to use less moisturizer. 

Rosebud Lip Balm Due to this harsh winter I have been experiencing, I will be the first to say that my lips are disgusting. This lip balm keeps my lips nice and soft. Also, the smell is incredible. A girl in my history class smelled it from my lips, which sounds so strange. 

Clarisonic Plus I am so in love with my new Clarisonic Plus. It is honestly such a great investment. My skin has gotten noticeably better, which is also due to my use of Proactive, a product I said I would never use. The Clarisonic Mia is a cheaper option. Olay also makes a more cost effective model. 
Nars Bronzer in Laguna March is not my favorite month. One of the reasons would be that I am incredibly pale this time of year. Just a touch of Laguna gives me just the right amount of color without looking like an orange cake face. 

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer When summer was over, I found that I couldn't go back to my old foundation and let go of my favorite tinted moisturizer.  It offers the perfect amount of coverage without being as aggressive as a foundation. Also it keeps my dry winter skin moisturized, a common theme among these products. 

Clinique Moisturizing Lotion This is such a cult favorite but that doesn't make it any less amazing. Perfectly hydrating and it also comes in gel form. 

Dior Concealer I adore this concealer so much. It is applied with a doe foot applicator. DiorSculpt has enough coverage for spot concealing and creamy enough for under eye. 


Ode to the Beanie

Jacket: LF, Pants: Urban Outfitters, Scarf: Alexander Mcqueen, Boots: Dingo, Hat: Lf

           Recently I have been so obsessed with my beanies, partially because they conceal my unwashed hair but for other reasons as well. I love this beanie because paired with my jacket it gives me a grungey I don't care look when in fact I actually care a lot. Before I left my sister told me I looked homeless and in that moment I knew I hit the bullseye. 


The Anatomy of a Spring Break Bag

        Like any young girl should, I take spring break and the packing that coincides with it very seriously. One must always be prepared for the excursions that may cross her path while partaking in any spring break-ish activities. Unfortunately for myself this is more of an ode to spring break packing, as my spring break will consist of college tours. I truly hope this guide from a packing enthusiast herself helps those of you gracing beaches this spring break.

       The sole spring break daytime activity in my eyes is lounging on a beach or by the pool. Don't get me wrong, you most likely flew at least two hours to get to your destination so partaking in an activity or two that is not offered locally would make an abundance of sense. That being said, just relax! It isn't called a vacation for nothing. Last month when I was in Miami, I lived in a bikini or denim cutoffs. My obsession and what I never leave for the beach without is this Island Company sunscreen. The spf 6 gets me super tan without leaving much of a burn, but ladies, know your skin. I am very Irish so I can not go without spf if I am in the sun for too long but my mother does have European skin so if I am careful I can get a nice tan. I love a white oxford as a pool cover up, they are simple and easy to throw on and off. My new obsession for summer are these beach like crochet pants. They are perfect as a cover up or even just bopping around.
            When it comes to night I dont get to crazy, a few cute sun dresses or rompers for dinner are all I need. To go with, all that is necessary is a great sandal and a little clutch. As for hair and makeup, I go pretty simple. I stick to my natural crazy curly hair and just throw on bronzer, mascara and possibly eyeshadow. The Bobbi Brown pot rouges are perfect because they can be used to give a little color to lips and cheeks in about 5 seconds with the mere use of a ring or pointer finger. I hope my outlook is helpful to you and remember not to have to much fun this spring break.


The Daily Arm Candy

        I hate to be cliche, but I am a very busy sixteen year old girl. Between drivers ed, mid-terms, failed attempts to blog, and trying to be a teenager, I have little room for other pastimes. I never understand girls my age who look perfect everyday. Honestly how do these girls have time for looking so put together. I for one do not have the luxury of perfecting my appearance. This sounds very contradictory, does it not? Don't you guys  come to blogs to learn how to look put together? One thing I promise you is that I will always be real, and I am being real when I say half the time durring the week at five am I throw on the first thing I see. In this particular photo I am wearing comfy clothes: circle scarf, soft tee, black skinnys and tall boots (notice how comfy clothes are not sweats and a hoodie). Now clothes are the easy part of getting ready. There are really two parts to this equation on a monday through friday basis, a shirt and a good old pair of pants. But that's just so plain, how do you really trick people in to thinking you put little effort into your outfit? The answer to that would be jewelry. Now this doesn't mean you pick out new pieces every day, I have my daily bracelets narrowed down to a select six or seven that I can easily choose from. The photos below show my favorite combo.

Leather wrap: Boutique in England, Buddha: Cusp 

Skull Wrap: Unknown jewelry designer in New York, H Cuff: Hermes 

    Its all about finding pieces that you are comfortable in, pieces that match everything and unique pieces that can truly add to your outfit!