The Anatomy of a Spring Break Bag

        Like any young girl should, I take spring break and the packing that coincides with it very seriously. One must always be prepared for the excursions that may cross her path while partaking in any spring break-ish activities. Unfortunately for myself this is more of an ode to spring break packing, as my spring break will consist of college tours. I truly hope this guide from a packing enthusiast herself helps those of you gracing beaches this spring break.

       The sole spring break daytime activity in my eyes is lounging on a beach or by the pool. Don't get me wrong, you most likely flew at least two hours to get to your destination so partaking in an activity or two that is not offered locally would make an abundance of sense. That being said, just relax! It isn't called a vacation for nothing. Last month when I was in Miami, I lived in a bikini or denim cutoffs. My obsession and what I never leave for the beach without is this Island Company sunscreen. The spf 6 gets me super tan without leaving much of a burn, but ladies, know your skin. I am very Irish so I can not go without spf if I am in the sun for too long but my mother does have European skin so if I am careful I can get a nice tan. I love a white oxford as a pool cover up, they are simple and easy to throw on and off. My new obsession for summer are these beach like crochet pants. They are perfect as a cover up or even just bopping around.
            When it comes to night I dont get to crazy, a few cute sun dresses or rompers for dinner are all I need. To go with, all that is necessary is a great sandal and a little clutch. As for hair and makeup, I go pretty simple. I stick to my natural crazy curly hair and just throw on bronzer, mascara and possibly eyeshadow. The Bobbi Brown pot rouges are perfect because they can be used to give a little color to lips and cheeks in about 5 seconds with the mere use of a ring or pointer finger. I hope my outlook is helpful to you and remember not to have to much fun this spring break.