YSL Say What?

          Hey kids! You may or may not have heard the devastating news, YSL is changing the name of their brand. They are going from Yves Saint Laurent to Saint Laurent Paris. How do we all feel about this? Not going to lie at first, I was traumatic. It is such a bold move change such a big part of your brand so late in the game. I mean even my French 1 text book discusses YSL. We all know how legendary YSL is, so how will this affect their branding/advertising. Maybe the name change is one of the first of many steps to a total revision to the company. The funny part is "Saint Laurent Paris" is moving headquarters from Paris to LA. HUH?  Saint Laurent himself died in 2008. How would he think about this? Was this one of the things he aspired to change. Apparently the change is an homage to the company's old old name "Saint Laurent Rive Gauche."  Well, no matter what YSL (or SLP lol) will still be iconic and continue being iconic. But seriously, why take the Y out of YSL?

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