Want: Beginning of Summer

Just me channeling my inner Veruca Salt. Here are some things that made me feel greedy today.
Backpack I love backpacks! They are so casual and perfect for the beach. I love them because you can store everything in them. They are a lot less annoying then heavy totes weighing down a shoulder.
High Waisted Shorts I don’t care where they are from, all I want is a pair of high waisted light wash denim shorts! The problem with these type of shorts is they are not all the most flattering, so you have to find the perfect pair. I am still on the hunt but I am determined to find a pair. I would love a pair of vintage levi’s, but I am not a very good thrifter.
Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. You are all probably tired of this bag but I really want one! It is such a cult favorite but there is a reason for that, its adorable! My favorite colors are the hot pink and neon yellow.
Mara Hoffman Bikini How gorgeous is this bathing suit? It combines my two fave trends: tribal and mint. The shape of this bathing suit is perfect for girls like me, girls who have a smaller chest. Bustier tops have always been an absolute favorite of mine.
Alexander McQueen Scarf It is safe to say that I have wanted one of these scarves for ever. Recently I went to visit a friend and instead of a chiffon scarf, she had the cashmere blend. It was beautiful! I definitely want one for myself.

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