Trend: Lets Get Lipsy

Top: Diane Kordas Ring, Markus Lupfer Tee, Lynn Ban Necklace, Bottom: LuLu Guinness Bag, Evocateur Cuff, Prada Shoes, Wildfox Tee.
The reason I became obsessed with this trend is the Markus Lupfer tee shirt above. I saw it on The Man Repeller’s blog and I fell in love. I recently did an art project where I had to design a CD cover in black and white. My cover featured a women with a pair of wayfarers on and literally almost those exact lips. My inspiration for the cover was Lara Stone, who was also Markus’s muse. Geniuses think a like. This tren also reminds me of the iconic rolling stone mouth, which has always been a favorite in the fashion world. This trend is super sexy and really different from what I have seen this summer. I wonder how Lara herself feels about this.

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