Miami Mama

My best friend since age five, Chloe and I.

        I have to say when I found out I was going to Miami for New Years, I was ecstatic. Remember, I'm sixteen so the typical New Years Eve for me would be a party in someones unfinished basement or garage. More fun than it sounds but nothing compared to Miami. My sister and I stayed with our best friends at their house on the beautiful Fisher Island. For those of you that don't know the Miami area that well, Fisher Island is a tiny island just a five minute boat ride from south beach. The island is so luxurious and I felt like I was in absolute heaven. Secret: Yes, I did lie next to Karolina Kurkova at the pool. 
My sister and I at the Standard Hotel. 

Myself, rocking a mermaid pose on the rocks. 

My best friend and I and our adorable little sisters, My top is American Apparel and skirt is from Lf. Crop tops anyone? 

 New Years day on South Beach! 

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