The Daily Arm Candy

        I hate to be cliche, but I am a very busy sixteen year old girl. Between drivers ed, mid-terms, failed attempts to blog, and trying to be a teenager, I have little room for other pastimes. I never understand girls my age who look perfect everyday. Honestly how do these girls have time for looking so put together. I for one do not have the luxury of perfecting my appearance. This sounds very contradictory, does it not? Don't you guys  come to blogs to learn how to look put together? One thing I promise you is that I will always be real, and I am being real when I say half the time durring the week at five am I throw on the first thing I see. In this particular photo I am wearing comfy clothes: circle scarf, soft tee, black skinnys and tall boots (notice how comfy clothes are not sweats and a hoodie). Now clothes are the easy part of getting ready. There are really two parts to this equation on a monday through friday basis, a shirt and a good old pair of pants. But that's just so plain, how do you really trick people in to thinking you put little effort into your outfit? The answer to that would be jewelry. Now this doesn't mean you pick out new pieces every day, I have my daily bracelets narrowed down to a select six or seven that I can easily choose from. The photos below show my favorite combo.

Leather wrap: Boutique in England, Buddha: Cusp 

Skull Wrap: Unknown jewelry designer in New York, H Cuff: Hermes 

    Its all about finding pieces that you are comfortable in, pieces that match everything and unique pieces that can truly add to your outfit! 


  1. Hi Maddie! I found you on LC's forum :) I completely agree with you... accessorizing is a girls best friend! I love how simple pieces can add style to just a plain t-shirt and jeans! Love your Hermes cuff! xoxo April


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  3. Hello love, I found your blog link on LC's website and decided to visit.

    Am a new follower of your cute blog, hope you can visit mine and follow back :))))))

    Thanks, xoxo